The South East London Breast Screening Service

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Women aged 50 to 71 are invited for breast screening once every three years; the first invitation will be sent by their 53rd birthday. Women aged 71 or over can self-refer for breast screening once every three years.

The South East London Breast Screening Service (SELBSS) will be inviting eligible patients for breast screening from July 2024. They are expecting to issue invitations for approximately 4 month(s).

If you have not heard from them by December 2024 please contact the surgery or contact the London Breast Screening Programme using their contact details below.

Patients will be invited to attend the screening site nearest to their home address which is Memorial Hospital.

If the appointment offered is not convenient it can easily be changed:

  • telephoning the London Breast Screening Programme Appointment Hub (Hub) on 020 3758 2024
  • visiting the London Breast Screening Programme website